Breast Cancer Awareness Slogans
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Many of the discoveries regarding curcumin and breast cancer treatment have relied on animal models and test tube studies. Breast Cancer Awareness Slogans None has yet reached clinical trial stage although a preliminary trial has been done.

Curcumin (CC) has been found to inhibit the growth of cells of cancer of the breast grown in cell cultures in the laboratory. These include hormone-dependent, hormone-independent and multidrug-resistant cells

The compound also showed anticancer activity against mouse breast tumor cells.

In female rats, CC also showed a protective effect against chemically induced mammary cancer i.e. if the animals were given it prior, they developed less malignancies.

An early clinical trial has been reported where a topical application of a CC ointment was made in seven patients with cancer of the breast. The results showed that 71% of the patients had a positive response measured as a reduction in the size of lesions, less pain, less itching and reduced exudates.

One of the challenges that needs to be overcome if curcumin and breast cancer treatment is to progress to practical use is the low absorption: very little of the compound crosses the boundary from the digestive system to the blood stream.

One solution is the concurrent use of piperine which increases absorption by 2000%.

Another is the use of enteric coating which reputable manufacturers use to ensure that nutrient-containing supplements are delivered to the upper intestine rather than be destroyed by the acidic stomach enzymes.

Although we cannot declare that a cure has been found, these are promising results regarding the future of this treatment. One can therefore recommend taking CC more as a preventative rather than a cure.

The best way to take it would be as part of a multi-nutrient supplement containing a range of other healthy components. This ensures that all the ingredients work harmoniously together to provide the best effect.

Such a supplement would also include critical components that are essential for the functioning of some nutrients so for example piperine to aid in absorption. It would also include other malignancy-protective nutrients like lycopene and resveratrol.

Now that you know a lot more about the direction that curcumin and breast cancer treatment is taking, your curiosity may have been aroused. If you would like to know more about the multi-ingredient supplement that I take that contains curcumin and helps protect against malignancy and premature aging, then please visit my website.