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It used to be that braces for teeth were mainly used on teenagers. Today, we’re seeing an increase in popularity for people over the age of twenty who opt for orthodontic braces.

Many orthodontists have nearly as many adult patients as teenagers.

Why the popularity in adult braces? Let’s look at a few of the reasons:

Dental Health Insurance Plans

A lot of adults who never had an opportunity to wear orthodontic braces in the past didn’t have them for the simple reason that their parents couldn’t afford them.

With great dental benefit plans available today from employers, a lot of adults realize that they don’t have to live with crooked smiles any longer. They can get straighter, whiter teeth.

Many dental plans cover 50% to 80% or more of the expenses of braces for teeth and after receiving a quote, many adults realize that it’s worthwhile to look at doing.

Self Esteem

Not only will having straighter teeth improve your self esteem as an adult but a lot of teenagers don’t have braces put on because they’re concerned with being embarrassed about having a metal mouth.

As adults, we often realize that it’s worth the relatively short amount of time you wear braces to have the benefit of straighter teeth.

Today’s braces aren’t all just metal, either.

There are braces that are nearly invisible (Invisalign) as well as ceramic braces. Treatment can last a few years or could be quicker and this could give your self confidence a tremendous boost.

Dental Changes

Some teenagers have relatively straight teeth but when their wisdom teeth come in, this can push the teeth together and a relatively straight smile could worsen into adulthood.

If you’ve had wisdom tooth extractions but now see that your teeth are pushed together as a result, braces for teeth can correct that.

To find out if you are a good candidate for braces, it’s a good idea to visit an orthodontist or two in order to get recommendations and obtain a quote.

Carefully review your insurance to find out how much of the cost of treatment will be your own expenses. It’s almost never too late to improve your smile and improve how you feel about yourself.