Basic Information on Cellulite Treatment
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Cellulite is a condition caused by the irregular pattern of connective tissue underneath the skin, which gives it an unsightly dimpled effect. It is most common in women, and tends to occur on the hips, things, buttocks and abdomen. The reason women are more susceptible is believed to be down to the way fat, muscle and connective tissue are laid down and distributed throughout the body.

Cellulite is not necessarily linked to excess weight, but some people are thought to be more prone to the condition due to their genes. From a biochemical point of view, cellulite is no different from any other fat within the body – and there is no known health risk associated with the condition. However, most people dislike the appearance of cellulite, and, in an attempt to have smoother skin, will try as many cellulite treatments as they possibly can to get rid of it. With demand for a solution so high, there are an abundance of different treatments on the market, from cellulite creams to mechanical treatments. Some of these cellulite treatments include:

Nutritional Supplements

Containing ingredients such as ginkgo bilboa, sweet clover, bladder wrack extract, oil of evening primrose oil, grape seed bio-flavinoids and others, these products claim to have a positive effect on reducing cellulite. They are said to help boost metabolism, improve circulation and prevent cell damage – however their effect is difficult to determine since, as they are dietary supplements rather than drugs, they are exempt from FDA evaluation criteria.

Cellulite Creams

Creams which contain a group of chemicals known as methylxanthines are promoted as cellulite treatments. The chemicals present include aminophylline, caffeine and theophylline which have the ability to break down fat stores. However while studies indicate they may be able to break down a small reduction in cellulite, they have not been proven to produce a significant breakdown in fat, due to the small concentration of chemicals they contain.

Laser or Light Therapy

The FDA has only approved two light based therapy devices which combine suction and massage, for the significant effect they have in the reduction of cellulite. The VelaSmooth was the first to be endorsed and comprises a treatment which combines the energies of infrared light and bi-polar RF energy, and utilized mechanical rollers and vacuum suction to effectively reduce cellulite’s appearance.