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Depression Help
Fortunately, depression relief and recovery is possible. There are various options to treat depression.

Depression Test
Wondering if you're depressed? A depression test can be a first step to help assess whether you have depression and need further assessment and treatment.

Basic guide about antidepressant types, potential side effects, typical dosage and other helpful information.

Signs of Depression
Find out whether you're just feeling sad or clinically depressed. Signs and symptoms of depression include emotional, cognitive and physical aspects.

Causes of Depression
What causes depression? No one knows the exact reason, but there are many factors (e.g. biochemical, genetic, environmental) that may play a part in clinical depression.

Types of Depression
There are several different types of depression. Often they are distinguished by their prevalent features, duration and severity of symptoms.

Natural Remedies for Depression
For some people suffering from depression, antidepressants may not be a favorable option. Some may prefer more natural remedies for depression such as natural, herbal antidepressants and other alternative treatments.

Depression Articles
Read helpful articles on various depression topics.

Depression Resources
Other helpful depression related resources such as mental health organizations, hotlines, websites and books.

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