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Message from the Editor/About Us

Welcome! My name is Dr. Joanne Chao and I am a psychologist and editor of Over the years, I have seen many clients suffer from depression and the resulting need for simple, accurate information about their illness. Because of limited knowledge or misinformation, I often find clients feeling ashamed, weak or thinking they're “crazy” for feeling depressed. Many people do not seek the help they need because of these feelings or misconceptions. This site was created with the following mission:

To provide easy-to-understand information about depression with the aim of educating, decreasing stigma around depression and encouraging depressed persons to get the help they need (or aid people in helping a loved one).

On, you will find information on: the causes, signs and types of depression; sample depression tests; and treatments available including antidepressants, therapy and natural remedies for depression. Also check out our helpful articles and other resources for depression. Articles on various depression topics are often being added, so please check back often. If you see a topic you would like covered (or a helpful resource we're missing), please let us know.

Clients have found this information helpful and I hope you do too.

If you would like to share your comments, please email me.

To Your Health & Happiness,

Joanne Chao, Psy.D.



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